激光雕刻机 | 2021-04-13

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote Thursday on a proposal that would ensure the nations Internet sector operates as a free and open marketplace.美国联邦通信委员会星期四将投票表决一项有关保证美国互联网沦为一个权利公开发表的交易平台的议案。The commissioners are expected to approve a proposal offered by chairman Tom Wheeler that would ban so-called paid prioritization, in which big Internet service providers would charge content providers a higher fee to stream their material over cyberspace faster than smaller customers.预计该委员会将通过委员会主席维勒递交的这项议案。

该议案禁令所谓的“收费优先权”,即互联网服务商在缴纳内容提供商更高费用后,该提供商才可享用更加快捷的宽带服务。Wheelers proposal, which he announced earlier this month, would regulate the Internet under a section of the decades old Communications Act that regulates the telephone industry like a public utility.维勒本月早些时候宣告的这一议案将依照一项已实施数十年的通信法案来管理互联网,而制订该法案的想法是将电话业作为公共设施加以管理。In an opinion piece for Wired magazine, Wheeler said his proposal would preserve the Internet as an open platform for innovation and free expression.维勒在《连线》杂志上说道,他的议案将保证互联网沦为创新和权利看法的公开发表平台。